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1. Chores are suddenly easier
You can carry all the groceries in one trip, lifting the kids into bed is a cinch, you have minimal difficulty opening stiff jars… you begin to realise that this workout is working!

2. Taking the stairs is like walking on a cloud
The days of clutching the bannister, wheezing and dry heaving are over. Not only are the stairs easier to navigate, but as you walk up them you begin to work out which muscle groups you’re toning.

3. None of your clothes fit anymore
Everything is looser, those jeans you’ve been sadly staring at suddenly slip over your hips with ease, and who would have believed it but you need a belt!

4. You begin to crave healthy food
Those TimTams don’t look the same anymore. All of a sudden you’re salivating over salad and browsing online supplements Australian stores.

5. But you know that if you eat something naughty it’s okay
Your metabolism is working overtime these days, so that one bite of chocolate isn’t going to ruin everything the way it used to.

6. You sleep like a baby, the sleeping kind
As soon as your face hits that pillow you’re instantly passed out into a deep, peaceful sleep. You no longer google ‘how to sleep’ at 4 a.m. The best part is that you awake fresh as a daisy every morning.

7. You get satisfaction from sore muscles
That lactic acid coursing through your muscles just means you did a solid workout. You revel in the soreness and know that you’re gonna go harder next time you hit the gym.

8. Your skin is simply glowing
All that working out has helped you sweat the grossness out of your pores. Coupled with increased water intake you have the kind of clear skin they Photoshop onto billboards.

9. Your healthy habits are starting to rub off on others
You notice your mate has checked into the gym on Facebook, or posted a smug workout selfie to Instagram and you just know your newfound athleticism has had something to do with it!

10. You’ve passed that threshold where you just love working out
The old you would never have believed it, but you genuinely now believe that working out is FUN! All your hard work is starting to pay off and you’re more motivated than ever!