No matter how hard you work out or how smart you are about your diet, there may be an area that could use improvement. This Supplements Australia guide from Supplement Mart will show you exactly how to match your supplements to your fitness goals.

Build Strength & Muscle


Muscle strength is a vital part of fitness, it enhances every aspect of life, whether it's in the gym, playing sports, or doing everyday activities. These supplements when taken before workouts help you to promote muscle strength:



Creatine is an excellent supplement to help you to build your muscle strength.  Creatine supplements promote the quick release of energy your muscles need during anaerobic exercise like weightlifting. Using creatine helps you to stay longer and be stronger at the gym.



Taurine is another amino acid that promotes greater muscle strength and endurance. Muscles with lower taurine levels contract with less force than those with high levels, so using taurine supplements helps you to be more effective.



Using Beta-Alanine supplements helps you to perform better, as is one of the most critical amino acids for muscle strength enhancement. Beta-Alanine helps your body to create carnosine in your muscle cells which reduces muscle fatigue meaning you can train better.



Another amino acid that helps you to gain muscle mass and strength is Betaine as it acts a methyl donor. Research carried out on professional athletes found that those taking betaine could experience a maximum 25% increase in muscle strength.


Improve Cardio & burn fat



Glutamine is a great all round supplement, as it has benefits ranging from bolstering muscle building to supporting the immune system. The greatest benefit of taking glutamine supplements is that it provides you with better endurance and greater fat loss by stopping the build-up of acid levels during exercise.



Carnitine plays a critical role in transporting fat into the mitochondria of the cell to be burned as fuel. Using carnitine supplements supports your body in burning fat both at rest and during exercise, which helps decrease body fat and supports muscle endurance.



Taking caffeine supplements before a workout enhances the amount of fat you burn during the workout and boosts your endurance. Caffeine binds to fat cells in your body, and in the process helps the release of fat from the fat cells which increases your endurance.


Boost Energy Levels


Green Tea Extract

Green tea extracts are high performing supplements that can help in a range of ways. They can help with fat burning due to the catechins found in the tea leaves. Green tea supplements also contain an amino acid called teanine which enhances relaxation and provides a calming effect. Combined, both of these elements provide a calm energy boost and help enhance brain function.



Coenzyme Q10 assists reactions in the body that produce energy, meaning it is an excellent way to help maintain energy levels. By taking CoQ10 you can experience higher energy levels during exercise and promoted recovery during periods of rest.


Citrulline Malate

The popular supplement Citulline Malate is a combination of the amino acid citrulline and malic acid (malate). Taking citrulline malate helps to reduce fatigue while also gaining an increase in energy production in the body by about 35%.