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Bindi Nutrition

Bindi Nutrition was created in 2013, owner Belinda Dennis had realised there was a serious gap in the sports nutrition market, specifically, there was a lack of good quality, natural, healthy, Australian-made sports nutrition products that could support her passion for triathlon. Whilst working as an experience veterinarian in Busselton, WA and expanding her fitness interest she finally moved into serious triathlons. With these change of pace came an increased importance in sports nutrition not only for training but to recovery, Belind wanted to use natural and healthy products to help fuel her.

Using her background in science, Belinda developed a unique formula for a Natural Sports Hydration drink containing a specific range of electrolytes, with low sugar (30% less than many other products on the market), with plant-based flavouring and no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. Interested in creating products appropriate to sports in the Australian climate, and that are absorbed quickly and, in turn, gentle on an athlete’s gut during intense endurance events. And so, Bindi Nutrition was born, using the name Bindi which was actually Belinda’s nickname as a child.

Sports Hydration by Bindi Nutrition

Bindi Nutrition

$41.50 $49.95

Bindilyte Electrolytes by Bindi Nutrition

Bindi Nutrition

$26.00 $29.95