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Jassy Chia | Supplement Mart Athlete

Jassy Chia
ICN Pro Fitness Model


Training Routine

Day 1:

Chest & Arms

Day 2:

Back & Shoulders

Day 3:

Glutes & Hamstrings

Day 4:

Back, Quads & Abs

Day 5:

Glutes & Shoulders

Day 6:

Rest Day

Day 7:

Full Lower Body

Competition History


SWA Pole Dance Competition | 3rd place


Most Technical Pole Dance Category Winner


SWA Pole Dance Competition 2nd place


INBA WA Fitness Model Open 2nd place


INBA WA Fitness Model Overall Winner


INBA Nationals 2nd place


SWA Pole Dance Judge's Choice Category Winner


Ultimate Fitness Competitor (Fitness Category Winner)


INBA WA Fitness Model Overall Winner


INBA/PNBA Supershow Pro Qualifier Winner (PNBA Pro Card Winner)


ICN Bali International Pro Fitness Model 2nd place


Australian Ninja Warrior Competitor Season 1


ICN Night of Champions Pro Show, Pro Fitness Model 3rd place


Australian Ninja Warrior Competitor Season 2

Q & A

Where did your Fitness journey begin?
It actually began much later in life than most in the industry! After I finished having kids, at the age of 23, I took an interest in fitness by joining a local aerial fitness studio & gym. I actually began competing in regional pole fitness competitions & this was when I decided to step up my strength training to compliment it. After 3 years, I entered my girst bodybuilding show & loved it. 9 years later and I'm still doing it!

Where does your motivation come from?
Believe it or not, I'm not motivated all the time! It comes in waves, which I think is really normal. Over years of practicing the fitness lifestyle, I have developed a discipline and the habits that take me through the tough times.

What's your favorite exercise?
Conventional deadlifts! I always feel like a Marvel superhero when I'm deadlifting haha!

How do you maintain a lean physique year round?
I actually don't! Being lean is fun for shows, photoshoots or summer, but so is wood fired pizza, espresso martinis & burgers. I'm quite flexible in terms of food choices, but when I'm not dieting for a purpose I'm happy sporting a little extra "cushion". I credit my ability to achieve great conditioning naturally, to my emphasis on healthy periods of not dieting.

Favorite Food:
Potato (sweet potato and carisma potatoes), peanut butter, burgers and espresso martinis!

Daily diet:
Gosh this changes on the daily- flexible dieting FTW! I do always have a protein smoothie purely because it's such an easy & economical "whey" (see what I did there?) to get protein in gram for gram. Check out my IG "jassy_chia_ironmaiden" for storiy snippets of my ever-changing meals.