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  • Advanced Pre-Workout
    for Increased Energy and Focus
  • Great Tasting Powder
    Provide an Explosive Surge of Motivation
  • The Power of C4
    C4 is an explosive pre-workout supplement that helps you push through your toughest training sessions.* C4 is formulated with ingredients for energy, focus and pumps.

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  • Pre Workout Amplifier
    formulated to be the most extreme and effective pre-workout on the market
  • Intense Energy
    3 stage caffeine blend for explosive energy
  • Loaded with proprietary stimulant blends
    The novel pump agent agmatine sulfate, MR. HYDE will shatter weight-training plateaus

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  • 2X Energy
    Each scoop contains the power of 2 servings of original Game Day.
  • All the good, None of the bad
    No artificials, No beta-alanine tingles, No water bloat causing creatine.
  • Enhanced strength & Endurance
    One dose hits harder, work faster.

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  • Worthy of the Gold Standard Name
    Unleashes Amplified Energy, Sharp Focus, and Supports Enhanced Endurance
  • Foundational Ingredients
    175 mg of Caffeine from Natural Sources, 1.5 g of Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine, 3 g of Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate, 1.5 g of L-Citrulline Malate
  • Beyond the Basics
    Banned Substance Free and Certified

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  • Strongest Pre-Workout
    Intense Motivation & Energy, Concentrated Delivery of Nutrients To Help With Growth
  • Energy, high performance and muscle stamina
    Mind Blowing Fullness & Pumps, Boosted Focus & Mental Alertness, Huge Vasodilation
  • Awesome Strength & Power
    Sustain your maximum strength & endurance while also increasing vasodilation for boosted muscle pumps.

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  • Hypermia & Testosterone Enhancing Powder
    Creatine-Free pre-workout combining a high intensity blend of stimulants to provide epic amounts of energy and focus
  • Nitric Oxide boosting
    Muscles exploding out of your skin with pumps and fullness
  • Testosterone boosting ingredient
    Help increase testosterone by up to 29% within 3 hours of supplementing

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  • Extreme Performance Formula
    Get insane intense energy with ESP Bedlam
  • Clean ingredients for Real Athletes
    No fillers, no junk ingredients or false claims.
  • Super muscle pumps
    Push your body to its max

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  • Explosive pre workout formula
    Designed to boost your energy, endurance and performance
  • Greater endurance
    Thermic energy blend gives you the strength
  • Innovative nutritional science
    Myogenic matrix will provide you with increased muscle strength

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  • High Potent Pre-Workout
    Mind blowing pumps with razor focus
  • Improved formula
    More concentrated explosive pre workout
  • Maximum stim
    Maximum Focus, Intensity, Strength, Stamina and Pump

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  • Better than Mesomorph
    Extreme energy igniting, vein blasting
  • Special pre workout complex
    Increased focus, improved performance, increased strength
  • Super potent pre-workout formula
    ZERO calories along with ZERO carbs, fat, and sugar

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