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Barbie's Recommendations

Barbie Heng's Supplement Recommendations | Protein Powders | Fat Burners | Pre Workouts | BCAAs | Vitamins

Looking for the best supplements for you? Check our sponsored athlete IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor Barbie Heng's Supplement Sports nutrition recommendations! We have what you need, the best price, widest range.

IFBB Pro Bikini Barbie Heng

Barbie Heng
IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete
I am an IFBB Professional Bikini Competitor. I have always been active and trained at the gym but after hitting a low spot in my life, I decided to begin a new venture and take my love for training to the next level. I began training 6 times a week and registered to compete in the Bikini divisions. Won the championships and palced 2nd in the world championship.

IFBB Professional Bikini competitor Barbie Heng supplement / sports nutrition recommendations

Supplements For Beginners

I am completely new to supplements but I am exercising. Start with a low carb protein powder and BCAA

Health Essentials

Supplement recommendation to support your healthy life. Whether you train at the gym every day or hard to spare your time for exercise because you are always too busy at work.

Metabolism Boost

I want to give my metabolism a boost. Supplement recommendation to support your weight management.

Winter Essentials

Take these supplements to fight the cold season. Summer bodies are made in winter.