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Blackout by Precision Nutrition

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Precision Nutrition Blackout - A Deep Sleep Like No Other

Precision Nutrition has formulated a sleep product to amplify one of life’s great necessities, yet science’s great mysteries; sleep! We still don’t know exactly why we need it, but we know we perform and feel much better when we deep sleep. As such, the Team at Precision Nutrition didn’t forget about this incredibly important part of daily living, designing their Blackout sleep formula to instigate initial relaxation, followed by sleep deepening, then allowing for a brightened awakening.

Precision Nutrition’s Blackout:

  • Can assist in the decrease of stress, anxiety and heightened stimulation.
  • Actively stimulates deeper sleep during the sleep cycle.
  • Increases the length of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.
  • Deepened sleep can result in amplified anabolic hormone production and fat loss.
  • Contains no artificial colours or dyes.

Precision Nutrition Blackout improves the quality of one’s deep state of sleep. Amidst many other benefits, a longer, deeper, quality sleep can result in increased glucose metabolism, likelihood of more growth hormone release, increased blood supply to skeletal muscle, promotion of growth and lean tissue repair. This healthy, positive cascade of events gives every reason to want to ensure Precision Nutrition Blackout is getting you into the deepest state of sleep possible, all the while ensuring you wake up feeling energized and refreshed. Take one scoop last thing before brushing your teeth, make sure you won’t have to operate any machinery or motor vehicles, then hit the bed!

  • Mix 1 scoop with 250ml chilled water, and consume right before bed.

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