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Vita Multivitamin by Jym Supplement Science

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Jym Supplement Science Vita Multivitamin 

A powerful multivitamin and multi-mineral for the toughest among us: Jym Supplement Science Vita Multivitamin. This supplement provides the micronutrients hard-training individuals need for better performance, muscle growth, and overall health. The specific blend of synergistic micronutrients in this formula helps you absorb vital vitamins and minerals in the amounts and forms your body needs to function properly. Especially those who exercise intensely – such as athletes or bodybuilders – lose many critical vitamins and minerals from training. Jym Supplement Science Vita Multivitamin has been formulated to deliver far more than the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Daily Value (DV) of certain vitamins and minerals to help boost your performance and wellbeing.

  • Includes 25 of the most critical micronutrients.
  • No minerals that inhibit amino acid uptake.
  • A multi and a B-complex in one.
  • With vitamin A, E & K2.
  • With 5mg BioPerine®.

Jym Supplement Science Vita Multivitamin is intentionally formulated without zinc, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus to avoid counter-reactions. Vitamin K plays a key role in this formulation. It promotes healthy testosterone production and may assist heart health and support skin health as well as healthy brain function. Iodine is essential for normal growth and the development of the brain, plus it is critical for maintaining healthy thyroid function. Chromium may support fat loss, healthy sugar levels and heart health. Furthermore, it is better utilized as part of a multivitamin because its uptake is enhanced when taken with vitamin C. This formula also contains copper, B vitamins, selenium, molybdenum, and manganese for better overall health. Get your micronutrients in the most effective form – use Jym Supplement Science Vita Multivitamin!

  • Take 2 tablets with food each day,

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