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What is the right collagen for you?

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What is the right collagen for you?

What is the right collagen for you?

Collagen is the major component of connective tissues and is responsible for many things in the body, including healthy joints and skin elasticity. It is found in bones, muscles, joints, tendons and blood vessel walls, comprising around three quarters of the skin and a third of the protein in the body.

Despite its importance in the body, and unfortunately for us, our natural collagen begins to degenerate and decline after the age of 25. Many people experience loss of lean muscle mass as the protein and collagen in our body declines due to ageing and lifestyle factors, making it extermely important to supplement with a Collagen product such as Marine Collagen by Muscle Nation.

What is the right collagen for you?
Let’s have a deeper look. There are 28 known types of collagen, but of these, most collagen supplements feature distinct five types. These comprise of Type I, II, III, V and X.

  • Type I Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body. It helps to form skin, bones, tendons, and other connective tissues. If you're looking for a collagen peptide powder for supporting skin health and beauty, or to support bone or muscular health, this type should be your top choice!
  • Type II is the major type of collagen found in cartilage, which protects the joints.
  • Type III is also a major component of our skin and organs. Similar to Type l, it is found in supplements made to support skin health. A lot of collagen supplements will contain both Types I and III combined, as both Types I and II comprise of 90% of the collagen found in the human body.
  • Type V is found in the connective tissue in the body. It plays a supporting role to Type II Collagen.
  • Type X is a “network forming” collagen, and is found in joint cartilage as well.

Even with this in mind, due to the large selection of collagen on the market, the choices may still feel a bit overwhelming. Luckily for you, Nutra Organics have developed a variety of collagen products, specifically tailored and blended with key supporting ingredients, to help best target the area where collagen supplementation is needed most. Now let’s look at the 3 different Nutra Organics collagen powders and their individual benefits.

Collagen for Muscle Health
Collagen Build is a natural body toning and strength formulation for anyone living an active lifestyle, or anyone wanting to tone, build and repair muscle. Collagen Build is formulated with bioactive collagen peptides and magnesium to support muscle building, repair, recovery and function. Incorporating Collagen Build into your daily routine, particularly post workout and together with a healthy varied diet, can help build muscle strength, support muscle function, repair, recovery & maintenance, support the functioning of nerves & muscle tissue, support energy production, and may also reduce tiredness and fatigue. Type I and Type III collagen powder yield the best results when used alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime that includes 2-3 hours of resistance training weekly. If you are a highly active person that partakes in regular exercise and is looking to support muscle health and repair, this may be the right collagen for you.

Collagen for Beauty
This Nutra Organics collagen powder gives you a glow from the inside out. It is made with a natural formulation to reduce skin wrinkles and smooth fine lines, increase skin hydration and elasticity, and support healthy hair & nails. As a naturopathically developed product, it utilises the scientifically researched bioactive collagen peptides, VERISOL®, that have been shown in multiple studies to reduce skin wrinkles, improve skin hydration and elasticity, and improve hair strength and thickness. Together with organic wholefood bioavailable sources of Vitamin C and Zinc, Collagen Beauty provides the necessary nutrients needed to promote collagen production in skin, as well as healthy hair and nails. This product comes in different flavours, and also unflavoured, and easily dissolves in hot and cold liquid.

Collagen for Bone Health
Collagen Body is the right product for anyone concerned with their bone strength. It helps you feel strong inside thanks to bioactive collagen peptides which encourage bone matrix support, as well as including vitamin D and calcium to support bone strength and structure. For those looking specifically to support their bone integrity and strength, this may be the best collagen for you.

It is important to note not recommended to take more than one collagen product at a time. Mixing collagen products can affect the absorption of these products and you may not be able to reap the full benefits this wonderful supplement has to offer. If you would like to target multiple body systems, we recommend taking turns with which collagen product you use, or taking one in the morning and one at night.

Nutra Organics collagen powders are available for every need. With key supporting ingredients tailored to specific outcomes, you cannot go past the Nutra Organics range for collagen supplementation. The full range of Nutra Organics Collagen proteins is available at your local Supplement Mart store, or online at, so what are you waiting for? Start reaping the amazing benefits of collagen today!