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Stimulant Free Pre-Workouts

Stimulant Free Pre Workout

Stim-free pre-workout supplementation is a growing genre. Whilst most pre-workouts on the market contain some, if not tons of stimulants, not everyone is able to, nor wants to consume that much. Wether they consume their pre-workout late at night, or simply cannot tolerate high amounts of stimulants, there needs to be a product for them. Fortunately at Supplement Mart we have stim-free pre-workouts to fit just that requirement.

Stimulants are an important ingredient in pre-workout supplements. However, they are not absolutely essential. You can still achieve huge enhancements in performance and results, without the use of high amounts of caffeine, synephrine, AMP citrate or any other stimulants which are commonly found in todays pre-workouts. The only thing which you won't benefit from is the increase in mental energy, stimulation and alertness. The rest of the benefits, wether it be endurance, nitric oxide boosting, enhanced strength and better recovery, will still be present.

Whilst a good portion of athletes and fitness lovers do prefer a stimulant based pre-workout, it is difficult if you train late at night and still want the performance benefits of a good pre-workout, as sleep may be interrupted if these type of supplements are consumed too late in the day. This is exactly where a stim-free pre-workout from Supplement Mart will shine. All the performance benefits, without the potential sleep interruption.

It is important to know that high doses of caffeine and stimulants can have the effect of increasing Cortisol levels in the body, which itself is Catabolic (not good for muscle building). This is a great reason why cycling off stimulant based pre-workouts, onto a stim-free one (like the ones found here) every so often is a great idea.

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