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Casein Protein Powder

Slow Release Night Time protein supplements play an important and sometimes forgotten role in improving health and fitness results, as well as improving your overall physique. We often remember to feed ourselves during the day, but what do you do for your body whilst you are asleep every night?

Whey supplements are utilised post-workout for their rapid release into the bloodstream for immediate amino acid utilisation by the muscles. What if there was a protein specifically utilised to prevent catabolism (muscle breakdown) over extended periods of time? Enter Slow Release Night Time protein. Casein protein releases over a period of up to 8 hours, gradually trickling amino acids into the bloodstream rather than all at once in a “spike” like fashion.

Slow Release Night Time proteins are best consumed shortly prior to going to sleep and are designed to feed your body the nutrients it requires to help repair muscles after intense training during the day. Your body does most of its repair and recovery whilst asleep, so why not ensure that it has all the adequate tools/nutrients to get the maximum recovery possible with a supplement like Muscle Nation Custard Powders. Amino acids are required by your muscles for repair and rebuilding, hence utilisation of a Slow Release Night Time protein will guarantee your body has the best environment for growth. Another great option is R1 Casein by Rule 1, one of the most popular casein products on the market.

Results are achieved when you make the most of every situation and every little thing you are in control of throughout your day (and night). Why not ensure that you are covered, even when you are sleeping! Seems like a no brainer. Slow Release Night Time proteins are also great if you find yourself waking up during the night hungry, as they release slowly, they are more likely to keep your body satisfied and it is less likely that your sleep will be interrupted by your hunger cravings.

Slow Release Night Time Proteins

Casein Custard Protein by Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation

$74.95 $89.95

Anabolic Night by Maxs


$69.95 $79.95

Precision Nutrition Precision Custard

Precision Nutrition

$72.95 $89.95

R1 Casein by Rule 1

Rule 1

$50.00 $74.95

Night Protein by Maxines
Sold Out
Night Protein by Maxines


$25.00 $49.95

Burn Custard Dessert by Maxines
Sold Out
Burn Custard Dessert by Maxines


$29.00 $49.95

Custard Plant Protein by Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation

$74.95 $89.95

Casein Custard by Gen-Tec

Gen-Tec Nutrition

$64.95 $79.95

Protein Mousse by Red Dragon

Red Dragon

$74.95 $84.95

Jelly Protein by Body Science (BSc)

Body Science

$35.00 $39.95