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EHP Labs

EHP Labs

EHP Labs

World Famous - World Class Quality 

2016 was the breakout year for this company which just continues to get stronger and stronger! On the back of one of the most popular fat burners of all time OxyShred, EHP Labs have now got a full range of supplements including protein powder, pre-workout, creatine, L-Carnitine and Branched Chain Amino Acids. EHP Labs continue to innovate and produce extremely high quality products without compromising on flavour. You can be guaranteed that when you buy an EHP Labs supplement you will be receiving a quality product made from quality ingredients. as well as tasting amazing! Grab your EHP Labs stack from Supplement Mart today!

  • OxyWhey by EHP Labs
    Save 24%
    EHP Labs

    OxyWhey by EHP Labs

    Current Price $67.95
    Original Price $89.95

    EHP Labs OxyWhey EHP Labs OxyWhey is a superior, 100% lean, grass-fed whey protein powder which contains a combination of quality sources of whey p...

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  • Crea-8 by EHP Labs
    Save 50%
    EHP Labs

    Crea-8 by EHP Labs

    Current Price $29.95
    Original Price $59.95

    EHP Labs Crea-8 - Pure creatine monohydrate EHP Labs Crea-8 creatine monohydrate is 100% pharmaceutical grade, bringing you a high-quality and high...

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  • IsoPept by EHP Labs
    Save 13%
    EHP Labs

    IsoPept by EHP Labs

    Current Price $69.95
    Original Price $79.95

    EHP Labs Iso-Pept  EHP Labs IsoPept is a scientifically dosed, lab-tested post-workout protein shake comprised of high-quality hydrolyzed and pure ...

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