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Cold weather
Joint Pain?

 Glucosamine Max

Have you ever wondered why your joints seem to ache more at the onset of winter?

A diverse range of clinical studies have investigated the theories behind the relationship between a drop in temperature and increased joint pain, with surprising results.

The first study, run over a two-year period and featuring over 200 Dutch adults with mild osteoarthritis of the hip found pain and stiffness were slightly worse with rising barometric pressure and humidity . While a larger study of 800 Europeans experiencing mild osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, or hands found there was a clear connection between an increase in humidity and an increase in pain and stiffness, especially in colder weather .

If, like these studies, your joints are noticing the change in weather, consider supporting joint health and joint mobility with Herbs of Gold Glucosamine MAX. This one-a-day supplement contains high-strength glucosamine for supporting joint health and the health of joint cartilage, while also relieving the symptoms of mild osteoarthritis such as mild joint pain, swelling and stiffness.

Glucosamine MAX is also supported by a range of cofactors and high-strength Ginger for the relief of inflammation.

Whether the theories run true or not, you may be experiencing your joints making up their own mind. If that’s the case, why not support your joint health this winter with Glucosamine MAX.