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Healthy Lifestyle with Prana On

Healthy Lifestyle
With PranaON

What is ‘PranaOn’ ?

Breath, considered as a life-giving force. "prana is seen as a universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body" The word ‘PRANA’ comes from the Hindu language meaning: A breath, considered as a life-giving force. Through this concept we formulate all of our products to nourish and enrich our health from the inside to out. Highlighting the importance of keeping our insides healthy, which ultimately keeps our physical exterior healthy.We are a brand who specialise in only natural plant based and organic products. With an extensive range to cover every possible dietary and lifestyle requirement, to provide another choice in every category of sports and wellbeing supplements.

 I am not vegan but can I use Prana?

We have been Vegan Certified to further cement our brand’s credibility as the experts in the naturals field. The logo also does provide the confidence to anyone who is vegan and is wanting the accredited backing to make their shopping experience easier in a saturated market.

The Certified Vegan logo stands for products that do not contain animal products or by-products and have not been tested on animals. Allowing for a clean, premium and nutrient rich product that can be used by all health-conscious people wanting to get the best possible result without the added nasties!

 I am not a bodybuilder nor fitness enthusiast.

Prana products are not just for ‘bodybuilders’ or serious trainers. They were formulated to be the most nutrient dense well-balanced plant-based proteins that helps nourish your body, and prolong a healthy active lifestyle and wellbeing.

Prana products are source from ‘real food’ making it easier for your body to digest and absorb what you are putting into it. As I mentioned before, if you are a person who struggles finding a product that doesn’t irritate or cause further digestive disruption…try our range, you won’t look back!

 I have seen Prana but I am not sure which one is right for me.

Our extensive range of products can be a little overwhelming. But we have specifically formulated each product line to fit & cater for each specific dietary requirement for all types of health-conscious people.

See below for a breakdown of each range:

 Power Plant Protein

Power plant is where we initially started. We wanted to create a product that was as nutrient rich as possible and an everyday all-rounder for building and maintaining lean muscle mass! Protein sourced from pea, rice and sachi inchi to provide a high level of protein per serve.

It has added amino acids that optimally fuel the process of muscle growth, digestive enzymes that increase the overall bio-availability and assimilation, bacillus coagulans (which is a fancy word for vegan probiotic) for that gut health support to help balance out your gut flora, which further supports a healthier digestive system.

To provide a solution for every health-conscious person, from:
- The intense gym workout
- The intense high intensity training
- The soccer player/ footy player
- The jogger/ the walker

For the health-conscious person simply not getting enough protein in their diet. So you can see, our Power Plant is our most versatile protein to suite every single health conscious person wanting a plant based solution.

 Phyto Fire Protein

Phyto Fire Protein is the first thermogenic and metabolic boosting plant-based protein to feature such widely recognised ingredients that assist with weight management, appetite control and fat metabolization. Protein sourced from pea and rice with added key nutrients to provide that boost in metabolism and fat burning potential.

This protein was created to maximise your fat burning potential, whilst providing you with all the plant-based benefits of a complete natural protein blend. Best used first thing in the morning as a breakfast smoothie, balanced nicely with your desired add on choices such as berries/banana/ oats/ greens to give you a premium nutrient dense morning starter.

 Tribal Force Protein

Tribal force is our first hemp protein blend that provides so many different benefits around gut health/ joint health & explosive training. Protein sourced primarily from hemp with the added rice source to provide that comfortable 25g protein per serve.

Hemp provides a nutrient rich source of protein containing all nine essential amino acids, plus fiber, healthy fats and minerals, making it the most complete source of protein in the plant-based world.

With the added benefit of:
- Insoluble fibre – Helps keep you regular and if you do get constipation, adding more of it to your diet can get things moving better. Adds bulk to the contents in the digestive tract, alleviating constipation.
- Soluble Fiber – absorbs water, creating a gel-like, binding substance which helps soften the stool so that things move comfortably along the digestive tract.

A good balance of both is ideal for a healthy gut flora. Great for anyone looking for an all-round complete plant based protein with a more earthy, textured taste. The choc cherry coconut is insanely delicious. For anyone who loves cherry ripe, have a go at this!

 Primal Protein

Primal Protein is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to a well rounded plant-based protein. Where poor digestion has seen others fail this blend uses enzymatic force, prebiotic and probiotic power to nourish even the most delicate of digestive systems. Along with nervous system, hydration and hormonal support primal protein is more than just a protein powder - it is a tonic for good health, every day. The best part about primal protein is that it is our grain free option for people who do not like the textural rice/grain element in their blend. Taking out the rice from the blend gives you the lightest, easiest to mix and consume out of the range. If you have tried to use plant-based protein and cannot get past the dense texture. Try this amazing blend, you will not be disappointed!

Protein sourced from pea/artichoke/chai/sachi inchi making this blend both paleo friendly and high in protein.

 Natural Mass

Natural Mass showcases our commitment to sticking to our gluten free, soy free, peanut free, dairy free and non-gmo range. Our natural mass provides you with a nutrient rich blend of protein and carbohydrates from reputable sources, cassava root, pea/rice protein. Mixed easily with cold water but always optional if you need to bulk up the calories to your dietary requirements it is recommended to mix with coconut milk/water or almond milk as needed.

Natural mass is perfect for a fast post workout shake, packed full of the correct balance of nutrients to provide a fast recovery & promote lean muscle mass. It is best used post exercise, 2 scoops is 1 serve in with 400ml - 500ml water or almond/coconut milk.

 Pure Boost

Pure Boost Is a premium botanical blend of naturally derived nutrients formulates to improve your energy, endurance and clarity (focus) whilst giving you the ability to metabolise fat. Unlike most explosive and intense pre workouts, Pure Boost provides a gradual rise of feel good energy that stay active for up to 6+hrs. The big difference being a rise of clean energy that promotes noticeable endurance, is clean mental clarity without any crash or comedown.

Pure Boost was designed as a pre-workout supplement that naturally enhances your bodies ability to promote it’s own natural energy and enhance your bodies cellular and vascular response.

It comes in two great flavours, Dragon fruit & Guava. It’s recommended 30 minutes before exercise, with 1 scoop in 300ml-400ml of water.

 Intra Strength

Intra Strength is our fermented bcaa’s with a massive 10:1:1 ratio to promote muscle repair, improve blood flow & reduce oxidative stress in the body when training. Intra Strength is free of all the artificial junk that can further toxify your body, to ensure you are able to get all the extra benefits of an intra workout product without any further stress on the body.

It comes in 3 amazing flavours:
Blood orange if you are a sweet tooth, Coconut Ice if you prefer a refreshing taste & Pomegranate which is much, much more subtle. It’s recommended to use 1 scoop in 600ml-1 Litre of water during exercise.