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Myocytine - A Versatile Creatine Supplement

Versatile Creatine Supplement

MYOCYTIN Creatine was created to improve Creatine supplementation and its benefits. The combination of Creatine, Taurine, Carbohydrates, Minerals and Glycine creates a powerful Creatine Transportation System that increases the uptake of Creatine by the muscles and enhances results. The formula was first created 18 years ago, and, due to public demand, Body Science is bringing this incredible product back.

During all these years, scientific research has continuously supported creatine supplementation for physical performance and general wellbeing. Furthermore, research has consistently shown the enhancing benefits of combining creatine with carbohydrates and/or electrolytes (minerals). What sets Myocytin apart from other Creatine supplements on the market is that Myocytin has been tested and proved superior than pure Creatine through independent scientific research.

 BSc Myocytin

Myocytin is versatile and can be used by bodybuilders, endurance/speed/power and functional training athletes either before, during or after exercise to:

Increase lean muscle mass
Increase power, strength and speed
Improve recovery
Increase Glycogen uptake by the muscle
Improve cognitive function
Improve physical performance
Assist the maintenance of healthy bones and muscles
Sustainable energy source
Improve hydration status


Creatine supplementation can increase muscle and lean mass, strength and power, improving performance and efficiency in sport.

Creatine, in simple terms, recycles energy, giving your muscles a boost of energy, allowing you to train harder. This process also saves the muscle from being depleted to be used as energy (Catabolism). Creatine not only slows down Catabolism (muscle degradation), but also increases Anabolism (muscle construction), being responsible for protein synthesis (formation) in the muscle. Furthermore, Creatine has also been shown to provide antioxidant properties, again acting as an anti-catabolic, as the free radicals generated from exercise can affect muscle fatigue and protein turnover.


The Brain weighs about 2% of your overall body weight but can use up to 25% of total energy. We have super computers in our heads, and they require a lot of energy, just like our muscles do. So, the concept with Brain function and Creatine supplementation follows the same path. Creatine plays a vital role in brain energy homeostasis (balance) and Creatine supplementation is shown to increase the energy availability in brain cells, and, therefore, improve memory, speed of processing and mental performance in general.


Dextrose is a simple sugar that is chemically identical to Glucose. Because dextrose is a simple sugar, the body can quickly use it for energy. The consumption of simple carbohydrates/sugars with Creatine has been shown to increase the uptake of creatine by the muscle and enhance physical performance. At the same time, creatine has also been shown to play an important role on the Glucose uptake by muscle cells. This mechanism is so efficient that many studies have used Creatine supplementation to increase Glucose uptake by the muscles and reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Type 2 Diabetes patients.

It has also been found that Creatine supplementation increases levels of Glycogen in the muscle. Glycogen is the form in which Glucose (sugar) is stored in your muscles and liver. This storage provides energy for your muscles when exercising, and, once the stock is over, muscles are degraded to be used as energy. Higher glycogen stocks will increase endurance and avoid muscle breakdown. Furthermore, after a meal high in glucose, your body will either use that for energy immediately or store it. The storage can be in from of Glycogen or as fatty acids in the fat tissue. As uptake by the muscles rises, less glucose will be transformed into fat to be stored.


Taurine also regulates Glucose metabolism and enhances muscle glucose uptake. Furthermore, Taurine has been well studied for its cell protection, protein synthesis (protein formation) and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, Taurine supplementation has been shown to reduce markers of muscle damage and oxidative stress, improve recovery and increase muscle strength and function. The result is a reduction in muscle catabolism (muscle break-down) and improved muscle anabolism (muscle construction). Taurine is also a natural stimulant and nootropic associated with improved cognitive function.


Glycine is a sweet tasting amino acid and has been found to increase Insulin response. Insulin is an anabolic hormone produced by the pancreas and is responsible for regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Insulin, in simple terms, will act as a transporter and promote the absorption of glucose from the blood into muscle cells. This Insulin response is important to enhance the absorption of glucose and creatine into muscle cells.


Electrolytes are minerals that carry electrical charge and are essential for cell function. These minerals support hydration and improve energy production in the body. They are also essential when it comes to stimulating muscle contraction and neuro function. Most importantly, Creatine absorption and uptake is increased in the presence of electrolytes. Studies have found that creatine uptake can be decreased by over 50% when calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium were absent.