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What is Essential AMIN.O ENERGY

What is Essential
AMIN.O Energy

 Caffeine and Performance

Caffeine is recognized as one of the world’s most widely consumed stimulants. It’s a highly favoured ingredient used by everyone from healthy adults to performance-driven athletes. With increased movement comes an increased need to stay energised – so it’s no wonder why caffeine remains part of their routine.

The best part is that caffeine can be used in an everyday gym setting and beyond. It can be seen in a multitude of indoor/outdoor activities, among competitive sports and within high-intensity activities.

Caffeine can help supply energy to support both mental and physical performance whether you’re training in the gym, track or field.

 Why Use Caffeine?

The reasons behind why an individual reaches for caffeine varies. Some may use caffeine as part of their morning routine, a mid-day pick me up or attempt to fight fatigue. However, performance-driven individuals may look at caffeine a bit differently. Caffeine is known as an ergogenic aid, meaning it can help the body perform better during physical activity. Caffeine can be used to help support endurance, energy and focus. It can be made use of during events that demand exceptional physical feats, high intensity activities, endurance activities, sports, competitive events, and beyond. Ultimately, caffeine may serve many different purposes depending on the individual. However, when it comes to performance – caffeine remains a staple go-to ingredient for many.

 Timing of Caffeine Intake?

How caffeine impacts the body varies from person to the person. This in part due to individual differences. Every individual metabolizes caffeine a little bit differently. So when you consume caffeine depends on you and even why you are using it. You may find that some individuals sip on caffeine before and/or during their activity. Both are acceptable, however an ideal time to caffeinate is before an activity. More specifically, at least 30-60 minutes prior to activity. Here’s why. Caffeine can take as little as fifteen minutes to two hours to have stimulating effect once consumed. After ingestion, the effects of caffeine can last for approximately four to six hours. Make the most of your activity and give your body time to let caffeine kick in. Plan caffeine consumption accordingly and find what works best for you.

 How Much Caffeine is Right for You?

Everyone tolerates caffeine differently so the amount needed depends on you, your body and activity.

Some may be more sensitive to caffeine, whereas another individual might be desensitized to the equivalent amount. A range between 100 to 350mg of caffeine can help to support endurance, energy and focus. Some athletes may desire more or less. One athlete may be fine with a cup of coffee whereas another may be reaching for a high stimulant pre-workout. The right amount is what is right for you.

Each serving of Amino Energy contains 100mg of Caffeine.

 Amino Acids

Proteins are complex molecules made from twenty basic building blocks, called amino acids. Whilst some amino acids can be made in the body, others must be obtained through the diet (food and/or supplements) because the body cannot make them. They are of primary interest to athletes and active individuals with muscle building goals as they are highly involved in muscle protein synthesis.

The body cannot store amino acids, therefore it’s crucial that each individual consume sufficient amounts of protein each to help meet their needs. Generally, the more active you are the more protein will be needed. Protein needs are relative to you and your goals. Increased activity may increase muscle breakdown, which may increase dietary protein needs. Generally, healthy adults should aim to get 0.8 – 2.2 g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight each day.

Every serve of Amino Energy contains 5g of an Amino Acid Blend for Muscle Recovery Support.

 Which AMIN.O Energy for me?

The ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY powdered mix was launched in 2010. From Concord Grape, Orange Cooler and Watermelon, the line has expanded to include 10 more regular flavours.
Breaking a sweat? ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY + ELECTROLYTES powder can support hydration with an additional 405 mg of Electrolytes.

No time to mix 2-scoops of powder into 10 to 12 ounces of cold water? Reach for ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY + Electrolytes as a sparkling ready to drink in 8 tempting flavours.

We’ve got something for everyone who needs a boost of Anytime Energy and amino acid support.