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What’s The Best Mushroom For Me?


What’s The Best Mushroom For Me?



When deciding on which mushrooms are going to work for you, it's best to work with what is called the “Big 4 Mushrooms” and clarify which of the four types of people you are. To make this simple we have ascribed one of each of the big 4 mushrooms to one of these categories which are as follows:


  1. Sporty Type - Cordyceps
  2. Workaholic Type – Lions Mane
  3. Yogi Type - Reishi
  4. Overworked Type - Chaga


While this is only a guideline and almost all of these mushrooms cross-over these different groups, they mostly sit within their designated quadrant.


Sporty Type


To kick off (pun intended) we have the Cordyceps mushroom. Of all the mushrooms, this one is that you will want in your bag when you are out to play and play hard. Since it was first discovered on the Tibetan plateau hundreds of years ago, it has been providing stamina and energy to humans and animals alike. It quickly became a high-end and specialist herb, reserved only for the Emperor and his noble consorts. In fact, in its early days, it was a capital offence for anyone else to possess it. Slowly over time, it became part of various medicinal systems in China. However, it wasn’t until 1993 that it made centre stage as a sports supplement. Amid controversy that it was suspected that the Chinese track and field team were using steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs, something even more startling came out. The coach was supplying a special formula to his team the main ingredient of which was Cordyceps. After this, along with the newly developed method of growing them caused a huge surge in the use of Cordyceps in sports as well as other areas. Up until that time they were wild-harvested and priced at up to $40K per kg. What we now use in the market is known as CS-4. This maintains many of the benefits of the wild Cordyceps without the unreachable price point. So here are a few points that make Cordyceps a great addition to the Sporty Type in your life.


Cordyceps may:

  • Increase energy and reduce fatigue.
  • Elevate mental and physical performance and exercise.
  • Boost antioxidants and reduce inflammation.
  • Increase oxygen uptake by supporting the lungs.


If Cordyceps mushroom sounds right for you, we recommend Teelixir Cordyceps Mushroom.




Workaholic Type


In the shadow of the “own the day” ilk of Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris, there really is only one player - Lion’s Mane! A mushroom that is now becoming synonymous with brain power and accelerated biohacking. Its roots however are somewhat humbler, yet understanding them, can in many respects help us understand why it has become such a modern-day hit. In Japanese culture, it is known as Yamabushitake. This refers to the use of Lion’s Mane by the Yamabushi (a group of Japanese monks) to calm and centre the mind, while concurrently sharpening their focus. This is precisely what Lion’s Mane does. The hericenones present in the Lion’s Mane are what help build the nerve growth factor that everyone is seeking. This is what delivers the cognitive enhancement, while at the same time balancing out the brain chemistry, calming it down. For this reason, Lion’s Mane has demonstrated the ability to display mood-enhancing benefits. This is perfect for the workaholic, as it allows them to fire up their brain while being in a calm and ready state. For this reason, it combines well with Reishi, adding a heart-calming element. This combo is perfect for more meditative activities as well. Chaga and or Cordyceps also enhance its more active benefits, especially in coffee or hot chocolate drinks. Suffice it to say Lion’s Mane equates to a strong brain.


Lions Mane may:

  • Improve brain cognition, concentration and focus, minus the jittery and anxious effect that caffeine can induce.
  • Improve mental clarity and reduce brain fog.


If Lions Mane sounds like the right type of mushroom for you, we recommend Teelixir Lions Mane Mushroom.


Yogi Type


The mushroom of great fortune should appeal to all seeking a higher self or just a way to calm down. Reishi is so iconic to its spiritual associations that it is depicted in art and architecture alike, and is the subject of myth, shrouded in mystery. If that is all a bit much let us bring it back down to earth for you. Regardless if you are a yogi or a meditator, modern life can be stressful. Reishi has been used for millennia to calm the spirit. In a modern context, this means that Reishi can calm the heart through the liver, making it ideal for sleep and stress. Being an adaptogen, it works over time to coordinate a more refined body system to maintain a sense of balance. What this means is, that the more you take it, the more your body adjusts to working with it. We will explore what an adaptogen is another time, but for now just know that it is something that acts like a thermostat in your house, keeping everything just right. Where the yogi type can benefit is that given Reishi’s calming effects, it can elevate the spirit and evolve the soul. We can say from our own personal experience that Reishi does just that. Whether through strange realizations or chance encounters that tend to steer one's life. Perhaps these events need a calm mind and body to occur. In which case we can put it all down to simple chemistry. Whatever your belief, Reishi will assist the Yogi type.


Reishi may:

  • Provide a calming effect to induce relaxation and better sleep.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve overall mood.


If Reishi sounds like the right type of mushroom for you, we recommend Teelixir Reishi Mushroom.



Overworked Type


Ok so just because we all have to work, this doesn’t mean we are all addicted to it like the workaholic, and hey, each to their own! When we need a deeper well of energy to pool from, Chaga is the best. Unlike the oxygen and chi-driven stamina of Cordyceps, Chaga is more like a steady fuel source, designed to drive you forward. Can you take it with cordyceps in your morning coffee? Absolutely! These two can work in brilliant harmony. Chaga though, is more nutrient-based, delivering all-important antioxidants and minerals. Just like Reishi, it has a plethora of benefits too extensive to mention here. One of its key benefits is its ability to trigger the bodies native antioxidant superoxide dismutase. In fact, it has the best ability to do this than any other herb in the world. Given the importance of antioxidants, you can see why this makes Chaga so very special. A little background on Chaga is that is one of the only tree fungi that has a co-relationship with the birch tree on which it grows. Other tree fungi are involved in the breaking down and recycling of their host. Chaga is more like a co-host. Why this is interesting is that even without Chaga, the birch tree is already a veritable pharmacopoeia. A fact that is only strengthened by Chaga’s presence.


Chaga may:

  • Improve overall vitality and well-being.
  • Boost antioxidants and reduce inflammation.
  • Support immune function.


If Chaga sounds like the right type of mushroom for you, we recommend Teelixir Chaga Mushroom.



Honourable mentions: Health Nut Type


While all of the four mushrooms we have explored work with the immune system, we would be amiss if we didn’t mention the other worthy soldiers which whether taken on their own or as a collective may assist immune function. Those are Turkey Tail, Maitake and Shiitake. They all have different points that they hit, immune-wise. If you are looking for a product which has all the benefits of the Big 4 Mushrooms, as well as these immune supporting mushrooms, we recommend Teelixir Mushroom Immunity. This community of different mushrooms creates the best arrangement for your bodies’ immune function.



What About Beauty Types?


We have you covered too - last but not least is Tremella. Used as a beauty secret back in ancient China, it has now been discovered that Tremella mushroom has properties similar to hyaluronic acid which is all the talk in the beauty industry at the moment.

If Tremella sounds like the right type of mushroom for you, we recommend Teelixir Tremella Mushroom.



Mushrooms are currently all the rage in the health and fitness industry, but it can be hard to navigate which specific mushroom may be right for you. If you sound like a few different “Types” outlined in this article, then we can confirm it is also safe to combine different mushrooms, at different times of day, to achieve the full spectrum of benefits that mushrooms can provide! To view the full range of Teelixir mushrooms – you can explore the range here.