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Cell Charge

With today’s health and fitness landscape being tricky to navigate and a lot of questioning when it comes to what truly is a healthy diet, what goes into most shopping trolleys today, it's obvious that basic nutritional principles are either not known or are being ignored. Foods high in calories and loaded with added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, thickeners, and emulsifiers provide almost no nutritional value, and with almost 50% of the world's population suffering from chronic disease, it's fair to say that many of us are paying a hefty price for simple convenience. With a combined 40+ years of experience in clinical settings, Shannon and Michelle Brenton (founders of Cell Charge) may not know you by name, but they sure do understand what your body needs. Cell Charge is crafted by Clinical Nutritionists and Naturopaths.

 With the understanding that an unbalanced or low level of essential & trace minerals can cause a host of problems as our cells literally struggle to complete the functions, they exist to perform. We are posed with the question: “So, If I can’t get all the nutrients I need from food, where can I get it?” CELL CHARGE! Cell Charge is carefully extracted from a single-source, rare earth deposit in the Northern United States. Fully organic and untouched by modern humans, this area was an exciting meeting place of complex plant, fungi, animal and marine life. Created in 2013, Cell Charge has been used clinically by Doctors, Nutritionists & Naturopaths to treat the symptoms of nutrient deficiency in their patients.