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Taking over a family chocolate business sounds like a dream to most of us, but surrounding yourself with a daily diet of refined sugars for about 20 years is a great way to get into a state of poor health. Cleanses, juicing, fasting, all types of diets, you named it the team at Goggys have tried it all! Then came the turning point where they started to learn about a simple and natural way of eating. One that was built on a philosophy of ancestral eating, where we eat whole foods with all the natural fats and proteins they contain. Eating clean real foods is an unbelievably simple way to lose weight, feel healthy and enjoy being active, even as our lives become incredibly busy. Goggys wanted more people to know there was a better, simpler way. So, turning their back on the sugar industry they set off on creating Goggys based all on the simple goodness of an egg, the ‘goggy egg’ with its clean protein that not only feeds but nurtures our health at any time of the day. Goggys now have a full range from good-for-you bars to delicious smoothies and snacks. Googys is about real food, real simple. We’re a small family business located in Melbourne creating a healthy Australia, one bar, pancake and smoothie at a time.