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Nirvana Organics

If you are looking for superior quality Australian manufactured products without synthetic or harmful additives, then look no further. Nirvana offer natural, non-GMO products with carefully selected ingredients, manufactured to the highest standards. “We will not compromise on quality”. Nirvana Stevia was born after Directior Kim Freimann first learned about the potential dangers of artificial sweeteners and, unhappy with the alternatives, she set about creating a range of natural sweeteners to provide a healthy and safe alternative for consumers. Nirvana Xylitol and Erythritol products followed shortly after to complement Nirvana’s all-natural healthy sweetener range. Nirvana Health Products is home to some of the highest quality, natural products on the market. They specialise in all-natural sweeteners – “great tasting healthy sugar substitutes” – and the healthiest salt on earth, and are sure to have the perfect product for you!