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Obsidian Ammonia

Obsidian Ammonia is a premium brand of smelling salts that are made with the highest quality ingredients. Obsidian Ammonia is captured within a super-absorbent polymer to help prevent spills and maximize the life of your bottle while providing hit after ludicrous hits of that sweet spicy air. Utilise Obsidian Ammonia in your workouts to give yourself the boost of a lifetime! Increased alertness and focus, improved athletic performance, reduced fatigue, enhanced mood, increased motivation. Obsidian Ammonia is perfect for athletes, powerlifters, strongmen, weightlifters, athletes, football players, baseball players, gamers, and anyone else who needs a quick and effective way to wake up and get motivated. Our ammonia is also great for social gatherings, wrestling bears, and lifting cars off small children. Choose Science + Violence, Choose Obsidian!