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Ripped Freak Diuretic by Pharma Freak

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Hybrid Diuretic And Detox Support Formula!

SIZE: 60 Caps/15 Serves


Water-Shedding & Detoxifying Agents!

    • Delivers the CLINICALLY-RESEARCHED dosage of two of the most effective diuretic ingredients available!

    • Delivers POWERFUL forms of effective diuretic ingredients!

    • Delivers standardized herbs that supply the ACTIVE chemicals actually responsible for increasing water loss and detoxification support.

    • Provides a precise dose of Magnesium to provide support against muscle cramping and ensure proper muscle function while shedding water.

RIPPED FREAK DIURETIC is PharmaFreak's FIRST diuretic support product that actually delivers a clinically-researched formula backed by human research studies!* This truly separates RIPPED FREAK DIURETIC from all other diuretic, detox and water pills currently available!



RIPPED FREAK DIURETIC is the ONE and ONLY diuretic on the market that actually delivers this dosage of Taraxacum officinale (a.k.a., Dandelion). RIPPED FREAK DIURETIC supplies 8,000 mg of Dandelion root, from a 4:1 extract. The 8,000 mg dose is precisely what was used in the ONLY human clinical study to help suggest a SIGNIFICANT increase in diuresis (water loss) from dandelion supplementation.

Clinically Researched to:

- Support increase subcutaneous water loss!

- Cleanse the body of toxins!


RIPPED FREAK DIURETIC delivers a clinically-researched 2,000 mg dosage of Juniper, as noted by the German Commission E Monograph (which is considered the worldwide authority on Herbal Medicine).


RIPPED FREAK DIURETIC supplies a precise dose of Magnesium to help provide support against cramping and ensure proper muscle function while shedding water. Many people believe that calcium, potassium or other minerals are needed to help prevent cramping. However, when shedding water, research suggest that the ONLY mineral that may be needed to prevent cramping and ensure proper muscle is Magnesium!


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