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Arm Yourself This Hayfever Season

Spring may have sprung, but for many, so have the allergies.

The return of warmer weather also signals the return of hayfever season as the newly budding flowers, pollens and grasses release into the air and begin to cause chaos - irritating the eyes, nose and throats of the hayfever vulnerable.

Explained simply, hayfever is an allergic reaction that occurs when the immune system becomes hypersensitive to certain substances. As part of this reaction, immune cells quickly release a chemical called histamine, which is ultimately responsible for the symptoms of hayfever. Too much histamine causes swelling in the nose and eyes as the body tries to stop allergens entering, a reaction some individuals experience coming into spring.

If you’re susceptible to hayfever, there’s lots you can do to help this unwanted response.

Herbs of Gold Hayfever & Sinus Ease is formulated with a selection of herbs that address the symptoms of hayfever and sinusitis. It contains Eyebright, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine (WHM) to relieve the symptoms of hayfever, as well as Horseradish and Garlic, traditionally used in WHM to clear respiratory tract mucous.

Another great option for the spring season is Quercetin. Pronounced “Kwur-si-tin”, while it can be a mouthful to say, quercetin has piqued the interest of researchers for the role it plays in helping to stabilise mast cells. Mast cells are immune based cells that are present in all parts of the body and secrete different chemicals, including histamine, during the early stages of an allergic reaction. 

Herbs of Gold offer high-strength quercetin in a therapeutic, well-rounded formula, Herbs of Gold Quercetin Complex. This golden formula includes quercetin, supported by a combination of rutin and hesperidin not only for their potent antioxidant actions, but also for their ability to support healthy blood vessels and capillaries.