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Musashi, one of Australia’s most trusted and revered sports nutrition brands, was established in 1987, and named after the famous Japanese philosopher and swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. Working alongside some of Australia’s highest profile athletes and powered by a commitment to push the boundaries in sports nutrition, the brand grew and expanded. The range now includes protein powders, bars, drinks and amino acids, designed to help improve the sporting performance of athletes and the general wellbeing of active people the world over.

30 years on and the Musashi brand remains renowned for offering a full spectrum of sport nutrition solutions, sourced from the highest quality ingredients. Driven by an obsession to innovate with scientifically supported and proven products, Musashi prides itself on assisting the performance needs of athletes from the elite to the everyday level - helping to ‘Find Your Way’.

  • Creatine by Musashi
    Save 11%

    Creatine by Musashi

    Current Price $16.95
    Original Price $18.99

    Musashi Creatine  Take your performance to the next level—with Musashi Creatine! Safe and extremely effective in building muscle and enhancing stre...

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  • ZMA+ by Musashi
    Save 20%

    ZMA+ by Musashi

    Current Price $17.95
    Original Price $22.49

    Musashi ZMA+  Regenerate your body overnight—with Musashi ZMA+! Vigorous exercise, such as running, cycling, jumping rope or crunches at a rapid pa...

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